Parrots V


Vintage textile cushion made from a Guatemalan huipil - stylised parrots are set amidst geometric shapes, birds and butterflys hand embroidered over an aged burgundy cotton, all handmade on a back strap loom - taking over a month to make. 

This pillow is repurposed from a huipil from Chichicastenango, a region known for their world famous textiles. The fabric is thick and sturdy with the embroidered thread raised to create a tactile experience. The underside of the textile shows the threads from the hand embroidery.

Front: Vintage Textile from the Chichicastenango Province 
Back: Vintage Indigo textile with a white pinstripe

  • Size: 18" x 17.5"
  • Insert not included
  • Invisible zipper
  • 100% cotton

Dry Clean Only

Stocked in Byron Bay Australia  |  Worldwide Shipping

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Embroidered pillows are repurposed from vintage, hand woven and embroidered Guatemalan huipiles - a traditional blouse worn by indigenous women from central Mexico to Central America. They are made on a backstrap loom by artisans who embroider the intricate pattern as they simultaneously weave the base cloth.
Rich with ancient cultural significance, each region, town and village in Guatemala prides itself on designs and colors unique to them.This means every woman’s origin can be identified by her huipil regardless of where she travels. 

Woven pillows are repurposed from vintage, hand woven Guatemalan cortes - a traditional skirt which is a long rectangular piece of fabric wrapped around the waist and secured with a faja (wide embroidered belt). The seams in a corte are sometimes overlaid by an intricately embroidered randa. Where possible we try to preserve the randa in our corte pillows. 

Each hand-embroidered pillow, with its plush texture and exotic use of patterns, has been inspired by rich traditions from the Mayan culture and made using centuries-old techniques. Every one is an original and has a story attached to it. 

Please note 

* All pillow products are pillow cases only. Inserts are not included. 

* We highly recommend buying inserts 1” - 2” larger than the pillow case to achieve the plump look as shown in photos. Minimum 1” larger is necessary but any pillow dimension 14” or larger can accommodate an insert 2” larger.  

* No two pillow cases are ever exactly the same. The photos in this website are a very close representation of the pillow, but may not be identical to the one you receive. 

* These pillows are hand made from used textiles and as such sizes can vary slightly. We recommend purchasing inserts only after receiving your pillow cases. 

* Due to the handwoven and vintage nature of these products, small defects and signs of wear and tear, fading or ageing are not uncommon. We feel this only adds to the unique story behind each pillow.

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