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Willow Lamour is the founder and creative director of Lamour Artisans. She personally sources all vintage textiles and works closely with her small manufacturing team to create uniquely styled, one-of-a-kind decor products.

My Story


Lamour Artisans came about while Willow and her husband were travelling through Central and South America on a typical Australian style extended holiday. They fell in love with magical Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and decided to stay for 3 years.

Willows passion for textiles spurred her to start exploring the women’s weaving co-ops in neighbouring towns as well as Guatemalas famous textile markets and soon after she started making her own products.

After returning to her home town Byron Bay, Australia, Willow has continued working closely with the textile artisans and her manufacturing team in Guatemalan to continue providing unique home decor products re-purposed from remote tribal textiles in the highlands of Guatemala.

Textile Provenance


These boutique pillows are repurposed from vintage, hand woven and embroidered Guatemalan huipiles - a traditional blouse worn by indigenous women from central Mexico to Central America.

Huipil (pronounced wee-peel) designs are infused with ancient Mayan traditions of nature, astrology and ritual. Designs and symbols, representing gods, the natural world and protection for the household are interwoven throughout the fabrics.

Rich with ancient cultural significance, each region, town and village in Guatemala prides itself on designs and colors unique to them.This means every woman’s origin can be identified by her huipil regardless of where she travels.

Huipiles are an excellent example of slow and sustainable fashion. A new huipil takes 3-6 weeks to complete, costing as much in a local woman’s wage. Each woman chooses her’s very carefully as she has every intention of wearing it for up to 15 years.

Ethical and Sustainable


At L’amour we are passionate about empowering the local Mayan women with living wages, because we know that when women thrive, so do the economies in which they operate.

We know where our products come from because we work on location at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We work with women we know. We work with women we respect. We pay our employees double the local wage and our textile partners set the price we pay, ensuring everyone involved in the manufacturing of L’amour pillows receives a livable wage.

We believe in caring for our environment and preserving it for all living beings. This is why we are so passionate about repurposing what’s already been created, as opposed to extracting even more of the earths natural resources. This way we make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint.

We are proud to run a business that takes into account the quality of life for our employees and the environmental impact with every decision we make.

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Step into a world of ethical luxury with our pillows, where vintage Guatemalan textiles meet contemporary design, crafted for the conscious consumer.