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Abi on 12 May 2024

My huipil has arrived and is beautiful. Thanks so much.

San Juan Cotzal huipil

Sharon on 8 May 2024

I am so happy to be able to have these beautiful bed throws! They are superbly beautiful. Love them so much !

Santiago Bed Throw

Holly on 28 April 2024

The huipil arrived. It’s a beauty !! So much heavier than the ones I have from Mexico. Dense weaving. Embroidery. Magnificent ! I’m cleaning up threads and thinking about whether or not to sew up the sides. I saw you on insta using it as a ruana. Looked good. Thank you for your good eye and for the work you do.

Pink Coban

Anne on 5 April 2024

Beautiful textile, this lovely vintage textile pillow is taking pride of place in my home! You can tell the seller loves what she does and she shares that with the customer through her thoughtful attention and enthusiasm!

Pink Coban

Sarah Jane on 30 March 2024

I LOVE the creams and brown. They are beyond beautiful.

Cream Nahuala

Sarah Jane on 30 March 2024

These pillows are so deeply nourishing to me, thank you so much for creating and curating them. There is something about the ‘cotton candy’ colour way that celebrates my inner child.

Blue San Lucas

Zoe on 22 February 2024

A stunning piece and a beautiful note from Willow on its history, thank you!

Red Tzute III

Toni on 14 February 2024

I just received the huipil. It is stunning! And very good condition, just like you said. Any hard and fast rule about which side to wear, the neckline is exactly the same on both sides? I am very happy, gracias.

Nahuala huipil

Kalli on 1 February 2024

I love it so much... and I won't be waiting for summer to wear! Thank you so so much for this beautiful huipil💕

Santiago huipil

Elisa on 25 January 2024

Absolutely fantastic pillow And the hand written note was really lovely to receive it. Thank you so much for such a lovely note!

Brown San Juan Comalapa I

Irene on 24 January 2024

I love it!


Nebaj huipil

Amy on 10 January 2024

I love the cats. Thank you so much

Blue Nahuala IX

Melanie on 22 December 2023

Seller was extremely helpful. I received 3 pillow covers. Very well made product.

Blue Xejuyub V

Cynthia on 19 December 2023

I am thrilled with my purchase!!! The pillows are outstanding!!!!! I love love love them! They are just as beautiful and brilliant as seen in the photos! And I loved my handwritten note from the owner, Willow! Thank you soooo much for doing such a lovely job…it’s just what was needed to swoosh up the house!!!❤️

Chichi Florals X

Anne on 1 December 2023

We have had the good fortune of ordering stunningly beautiful vintage pillows from Lamour Artisans on many occasions. They are absolute jewels! They are beautifully made and the highest quality in every respect - from the design, the thoughtfully chosen backing (often striped), to the zipper enclosure. I also cherish the wonderful exchanges with the highly knowledgable owner, Willow, a gem herself! Thank you for helping transform our spaces by providing the ideal bridge for blending old and new.

Zunil Corte I

Heather on 27 November 2023

Absolutely beautiful! Arrived quickly with a lovely handwritten note - thanks ;)

Purple Nebaj XIV

Adrienne on 21 November 2023

Stunning, so pleased with the quality of this pillow cover. Even more beautiful in person!

Blue Xejuyub III

Chrissy on 19 November 2023

I have bought many cushions from Willow at Lamour Artisans.
Each one has been an exquisite work of textile art, original, and of exceptional quality.
Dealing with Willow as a vendor is like purchasing from your dearest friend! She is an absolute delight to deal with and the images online don’t do justice to the beauty of her wares!

Chichi Owls I

Barry on 18 November 2023

After admiring textiles that a friend had purchased from Lamour Artisans and thinking I'd need to wait to travel to Guatemala to buy my own, I found the company's online catalog. Within a matter of days, I had my set of amazing pillowcases. (I'd worried that the shipping logistics would be complicated but they weren't). I can honestly say that I admire my unusual and beautiful gold and black pillow covers every single day, and I get compliments on them all the time. They are so different from anything I've seen elsewhere and appear to be very good quality (I don't know much about cloth or textiles, to be honest, but they seem strong and well crafted). It's rare that I find a product that is so different and beautiful, but not in everyone else's home. Highly recommended

Black Nebaj

Deborah on 14 November 2023

Just beautiful. Carefully packaged and delivered quickly. I couldn't be more pleased!

Colorful Coban III

Crystal on 4 November 2023

I love it!

Pink Comalapa I

Pia on 12 October 2023

I have a deep appreciation for handcrafted items. The weaving on this pillow cover is remarkable. I love the quality and the colors. The colors are not as intense as I had expected but I still enjoy the colors. I have a mix of textures and colors so I'm not going to nit pick about something so minor. (my laptop shows a bit brighter blue) I would definitely make another purchase.

Beach Game II

Kalli on 1 October 2023

It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you! 💗

Brown Nebaj I

Liz on 7 September 2023

I LOVE them!!! Thank you so much!!

Yellow Sacatepequez

Heather on 19 August 2023

These embroidered pillow covers are beautiful- the needlework is rich and interesting and I love the colors. Shipping from Australia was seamless!

Grey Chimaltenango

Andrea on 20 July 2023

They look great!

Blue Peacocks

Cheryl on 9 July 2023

The pillows were the perfect tie in for my art!

Pink Nahuala XVI

Sue on 8 July 2023

Bought 2 and want more, of course! Amazing textiles, workmanship, and seller professionalism. Received these pillow covers very quickly all wrapped up in a nice bow. Wonderful work ethic with the Guatemalan weavers!

Chichi Ibis II

Carlotta on 29 June 2023

Beautiful cushions! Would happily buy from here again.

Green Coban XXIV

Lynette on 1 June 2023

My cushion has arrived and is lovely

Pink Nahuala XIX

Paula on 31 May 2023

These are absolutely perfect.

Blue Nebaj II

Kirsty on 24 May 2023

I love my new thingy mi bob. It's incredible. And so lovingly wrapped ❤️

Tocoyal IV

Jacqueline on 13 May 2023

Beautiful pillow cover in a lovely color combination. Perfect for my needs. Fast shipping. Highly recommend!

Pink Coban II

Jacqueline on 13 May 2023

I really love this beautiful pillow with its gorgeous cranberry-red background. Lovely design. Fast shipping. I would definitely buy from this shop again!

Nebaj VI

Jacqueline on 1 May 2023

Exceptionally pretty pillow cover. Superb materials and workmanship. Highly recommend!

Pink Geometric I

Jacqueline on 1 May 2023

Lovely pillow cover in a beautifully warm color combination. Highly recommend!

Quetzales I

Jacqueline on 1 May 2023

I really love this beautiful pillow cover. Excellent quality and value. Would definitely buy from this seller again.

Green Coban XIX

Maria on 11 April 2023

So beautiful. The colors are so vibrant! Gorgeous piece

Red Coban IV

Anne on 4 April 2023

Your stunning pillows have arrived and are very much at home with your other creations. Love the backing on these ones.

Zunil Corte

Sarah on 8 March 2023

They look great in my little girls room.

Pink Nahuala XVI

Sarah on 8 March 2023


San Juan Cotzal III

Aline on 3 March 2023

Very nice and colourful.

Chichi Florals VI

Randall on 16 February 2023

I bought this pillow along with another for my wife's office, and when it arrived, it was even more spectacular than in the pictures. An absolutely beautiful piece of work with lovely colors and an intricate design. She fell in love with it, and so did I. And our dealings with Willow were wonderful. She was there to answer every question, and we could not have been happier with her and her company.


Chichi Hummingbirds

Susan on 26 January 2023

Love it, it’s pride of place…center of the couch.

Blue Coban

Jolene on 15 January 2023

I adore the owl pattern. What a lovely pillowcase!

Chichi Owls

Jolene on 15 January 2023

This vibrant terracotta colour has me dreaming of summer. It will look incredible with navy blue.

Terracotta San Juan Cotzal

Jolene on 15 January 2023

These pillows have such a sophisticated pattern. I love thé rich colours

Chichi Geometric Lge

Jolene on 15 January 2023

These pillows have such a sophisticated pattern. I love thé rich colours

Chichi Geometric Sml


Jolene on 15 January 2023

Such a delicate, pink pillow. It will look amazing in my daughters room!


Pink Nebaj


Jolene on 15 January 2023

Just gorgeous! The blue makes my heart happy.


Blue Wheat


Sarah on 13 January 2023

Beautiful textiles 🤍 just as described. The Colors are so gorgeous


Blue San Lucas


Sarah on 13 January 2023

Gorgeous textiles so glad they found their way to me


Pink Nahuala Tablecloth



Randall on 2 January 2023

Annie is wild about this pillow, thank you for your help in advising


Red Nebaj


Rekha on 26 December 2022

Beautiful piece with such vivid colours


Orange Coban



Nancy on 7 December 2022

High quality, arrived on time


Beige Coban


Jolene on 5 December 2022

Such nice, vibrant colours! These will be a gift for my mom, who loves red.


Red Nebaj


Jolene on 5 December 2022

Just gorgeous! I love the deep, rich colours!


Chichi Geometric


Jolene on 5 December 2022

Very pretty little pillow. I'm delighted!


Brown Geometric


Monica on 29 November 2022

Such a magical design. This is a special piece.


Rising Phoenix


 Jolene on 27 November 2022

Such a pretty pillow! My sister is going to love her Christmas present!


Blue Coban


Jolene on 27 November 2022

This is just the most beautiful pillow! The colours and the embroidery are just sublime!


Chichi Peacocks


Jolene on 27 November 2022

Oh my goodness, the colours make my heart so happy! Such fantastic pillows!


Terracotta San Juan Cotzal


Marketa on 15 November 2022

Thank you for the beautiful pillow. Such pretty packaging... makes me smile every time. Thank you Willow!💜


Purple Coban II


Supamas on 2 November 2022

Huipiles arrived, they are soft and yummy! Thanks💙


Blue Nahuala huipil


Susie on 10 October 2022

I have been wanting L’Amour Artisan pillows in my life the moment I found this shop! My dream finally became a reality! They are so, SO beautiful and SO luxurious and I am SO IN LOVE. So beyond smitten. I cannot thank Willow enough. I have pulled them out to just look at them so many times now! I hope this is just a start to building a collection of L’Amour Artisans treasures!💗


Custom Order for Susie


Phillip on 1 October 2022

These textiles are so special. We love the stories behind them.


Chichi Wheat


Phillip on 1 October 2022

Treasures arrived. Most likely will order some more


San Lucas II


Tommy Paul on 15 September 2022

Great, better than I expected.


Green Coban XXIII


Tommy Paul on 15 September 2022

Great, better than I expected.


Yellow Nahuala


Virginia on 9 September 2022

Beautiful fabric and excellent workmanship.


Chichi Geometric XVI


Mayra on 25 August 2022

Absolutely gorgeous! This is like my 3rd purchase from them and always been great.


Set of 3 Pink Coban


Bobi on 21 August 2022

The pillow is beautiful - even better than I excpected!




Angelina on 20 August 2022

Gorgeous pillow and quality!!! LOVE it!


The Secrets Out


Laurie on 17 August 2022

Absolutely gorgeous. Wish it came with a pillow in it!


Green Coban XXVI


Martin on 11 August 2022

I'm absolutely floored by how beautiful this pillow is. Even more beautiful in person. Thank you. Wonderful high quality item.


Chichi Abstract I


Shannon on 10 August 2022

Very nice and well made.




Paula on 17 July 2022

The red pillow is perfect. I love it.


Red Santiago Corte


Shannon on 15 July 2022

Nice quality and looks nice!


Pure Valour


Joanna on 3 July 2022

The pillowcase arrived, it is absolutely stunning! Love the blues.


Blue Coban XXVIII


Jane on 27 June 2022

Exactly as pictured. Beautiful colours and well made.


Almolonga II


Laura on 26 June 2022


Cocoa - Ikat Lumbar Pillow


Paula on 23 June 2022

I had been admiring this Huipil for a long time, so glad I purchased it. It”s very soft, a medium weight, bright green that is much more beautiful than I expected. It’s in excellent condition. What a beautiful textile to add to my collection.


Sound Wave


Elena on 21 June 2022

Gorgeous green Guatemalan Corte pillow. I'm now looking to buy one in a pink color for my baby's room.


Magic At Last


Joan on 20 May 2022

Beautiful, colorful, vintage. The best. 


Raspberry Pink Nahuala I


Paula on 11 May 2022

My 2 new Huipiles arrived today. They are so so beautiful. I love them.


Nebaj Huipiles


Vivien on 5 May 2022

Received thank you! Love love!




Bridgette on 12 April 2022

I was very happy to receive the order. It took a while for this one but it was so worth the wait. If I could give 10 stars I would .


Turquoise Coban VII


Kara H on 10 April 2022

Beautiful. Arrived exactly as pictured


Green Ikat Long Lumbar


Lisa G on 6 April 2022

My pillow is amazing. Thank you so much💞


Nebaj VI


Ann N on 24 March 2022

This product is gorgeous. So glad I made the purchase.


Corte Pillow - Sumayac II


Supamas on 16 March 2022

So so so lovely. Thanks again for sending pretty things my way.


Guatemala Textile - Tzute III


Kate H on 15 February 2022

Simply stunning embroidery once again and I am in love with the dark avocado background. Then I turned it over and I have a new love! Can't decide which side to feature first so will do daily turns!🤣


Green Coban XXII


Anne D on 10 February 2022

Thank you so much for the careful curation, looking forward to buying more!


Nebaj VI


Anne D on 10 February 2022

The textiles have arrived! They are as lovely as depicted on the website and I'm thrilled.


Pink Nebaj IV


Denise on 8 February 2022

The cushion arrived this morning. And it’s lovely. 


Pink Nebaj VIII


Paula Richards on 30 January 2022

My new Corte just arrived. It is seriously so much more beautiful than I had expected.


Bed Throw I


Gabrielle on 08 January 2022

Despite what my husband says it is difficult to have too many of these wonderful textile pillows. I love this design and the vibrant colours and symbols, it really tells a story.These beautiful huipils have been so expertly worked into art works for the home.Thank you so so much


Red Nebaj V


Gabrielle on 08 January 2022

Another wonderful addition to my textile collection.The colours are so subtle and muted. These pillows are really among the nicest you could ever hope to find.


Chichicastenango Geometric XI


Gabrielle on 08 January 2022

Being a collector of textiles I was so excited to discover these wonderful and unique pieces. Thank you Willow for making them available they add so much warmth and character to any room.The workmanship is amazing.


Orange Chichicastenango


Anne on 07 January 2022

These coral pillows are exquisite! Willow of L'Amour Artisans has done it again with her beautifully selected textiles so expertly transformed into jewel-like pillows. The quality of the craftsmanship is exceptional with just the right color ivory linen on the reverse. These little gems - infused with Mayan magic and good vibes - are the perfect antidote if you need to brighten your day! Thank you for shipping so speedily to Southern California, too.


Sunset Meadow


Vivien on 31 December 2021

They are so beautiful❤️  Thank you so much!


Red Coban II 


Toni on 20 December 2021

My mythical bird pillow arrived yesterday and it is fantastical! The color is deep and rich and looks even better in person! Thx!


Rising Phoenix I 


Natalie on 5 November 2021

I got my tiny textile. Is so cute.


Ceremonial Textile 


Joanna on 3 November 2021

The ikat pillow is lovely.


Indigo Ikat 


Tammy on 18 October 2021

Was just the colour & style I was looking for to match my eclectic mix of ethnic travel packaged into this room! The seller was very pleasant to deal with & added a little surprise in my package as well. Thank-you for such a wonderful shopping experience.


Pale Pink Nahuala III


Chrissy Cooper on 7 September 2021

I bought this floral embroidered cushion as a change from the divine geometric patterned cushions I have bought previously from Lamour Artisans. I must say I am very happy with my purchase. The pillow is gorgeous and sits well in a traditional or bohemian setting. It’s very soft to the touch an has a unique embroidery style. I think this design has a timeless appeal and the quality to become an heirloom! 😍


Chichi Florals II


Chrissy Cooper on 7 September 2021

To say this coral lumbar cushion is stunning is an understatement! Exquisite colour combinations and embroidery make it jewel like. It is a stunning statement piece of exceptional quality. For a textile lover like myself I’m in absolute heaven! I’m forever grateful to Lamour Artisans for introducing me to the splendour of Guatemalan textiles! 🙏❤️
Do yourself a favour and treat yourself! You won’t be disappointed!❤️❤️❤️


San Juan Cotzal I


Matina on 30 August 2021

As described, arrived promptly. Thank you!


Code Blue


 Lkvg on 12 August 2021

Great construction, lovely color. Thanks for the new accent!!  




Paula on 5 August 2021

I purchased these 2 Pillows to use in my Fall Decorating. They are truly exquisite. This textile was weaved by a expert artisan. The added embroidery inserted were the neck opening was an unexpected added bonus. I’m so glad these now belong in my home. I’ve made many purchased from Willow and they are alway beautiful. I can’t help myself I keep coming back for more.


Chichicastenango Floral V


Barbara on 27 July 2021

The pillow was not as pictured but just as nice! The colors were the same - just the design was a little different. Very well made.


Afternoon Delight


Paula on 22 July 2021

I love ❤️  the pop of color these Red Peacock Pillows add to my small seating area.  


Chichicastenango Peacocks II


Lisa on 16 July 2021

Well made, pretty and colorful!  




Lkvg on 11 July 2021

Lovely pattern and quality. So great to find unique options for pillow covers without having to travel!


Black Tie Affair


Julie on 18 June 2021

Looks great, exactly as depicted and very high quality. Would buy again!


Rain Dancer


Norma on 13 June 2021

I love the textiles from Lamour Artisans, and this pillow cover is no exception.


She's All That


Patricia on 2 June 2021

This is a beautiful handmade piece, the colors are lovely , zi love the green teal it contrastes well with the other colors !! Love it 😀


A Mermaids Tale


Camilla on 20 May 2021

Beautiful and unique! Lovely item.


Secret Garden


Norma on 19 May 2021

Fantastic pillow! So bright and cheerful! Very quick shipping and delightful seller.


Arizona Sunset


Norma on 19 May 2021

Beautiful pillow, quick shipping, and a pleasure to deal with.


Pink Nahuala III 


jbethross on 12 May 2021

The size, colors, and design of this pillow cover brings so much to my bedroom. I love the tassels and the feel of this fabric. This shop owner is not only gifted and skilled, she is a joy to work with. Everything shipped and arrived quickly.


Beach Game 


Julie on 12 May 2021

This pillowcase is exquisite. Not only do I feel that these lend my bed a feeling of luxury and comfort, they are like unique art echoing my style and creating a warm, vibrant and sacred vibe.


Color Me Red 


Camilla on 10 May 2021

Beautiful and distinct...a forever piece ❤️


Blue Nile


Magali on 8 May 2021

Me llegaron perfectooooo! Y son una belleza indescriptible


San Mateo Huipil


Crystan on 5 May 2021

These beauties arrived today. I love the pouch and the pillows are stunning.


Passion Pop


Kerry on 3 May 2021

I received the pillows today and they’re absolutely perfect!


The Secrets Out


Laura on 22 April 2021

I'm in LOVE with these pillows!!! SO gorgeous! 


Orange Coban XVI


Anne D on 28 March 2021

The pillows arrived and they are stunning! Thank you so much.


Pink Coban XV


Anne D on 20 March 2021

I just received the pale pink pillows. They are so pretty, so subtle and so lovely. Thank you!




Anne L on 13 March 2021

The beautiful pinky/coral arrived today, it's soooo beautiful! It's looks quite chic on the Italian leather sofa. I think that I'm becoming a pillow addict ;)


Pink Chichicastenango II


Daisy on 6 March 2021

Gorgeous pillow! Looks great. Thx.


Rain Dancer



Elizabeth on 4 March 2021

Received today and it is beautiful! I couldn't be more pleased with the pillow and the service. Thank you so much.




Majorie on 6 February 2021

Love the rich Brilliant colors, texture, and pattern. Package beautifully gift wrapped. A delight to unwrap. Prompt delivery. Thank you.


Dapple Apple


Magali on 9 January 2021

Todo ya me llegoooo! No sabes lo feliz què estoy. Muchísimas gracias x todo!


Shirley Temple


Ning on 30 December 2020

What a lovely vintage huipil! The colors are yummy and its super easy to wear. Fast shipping from Australia too. Thanks so much. I totally love this lovely green huipil 🥰




Ning on 30 December 2020

Beautiful pillows. The colors are so sweet. They will add colors, textures and rich stories to my home. Thanks!


Fuchsia Chaos


Kate on 23 December 2020

When my pillow arrived I was so excited I sat and looked at the beautifully wrapped package making the moment last....then just couldn't wait a second longer! I am almost speechless with its beauty. The multicoloured embroidery on the green background is just magical and I get such a thrill every time I look at it.




Paula on 6 November 2020

Perfect combo of colors. The seams and edges are very nicely finished. I really think I’ll be able to style it in many ways.


Red Sky at Night 


Paula on 6 November 2020

Beautiful lightly faded purple. High quality textile with great embroidery. It’s not new and that it what makes this vintage blouse perfect.




Sharon on 26 October 2020

The item is exactly as presented. Lovely pillow cover. Mine came from Australia, so it took a little while in the post. If you are purchasing something as a gift, you might want to verify with the owner on the approximate shipping time. I had no time constraints, so I did not bother.


She's All That


Kathryn on 19 October 2020

This is beautiful. I have ordered textiles in the past (not from this shop) and found the colors quite different than the photo. This piece is exactly as pictured. It is a beautiful textile, obviously authentic. Thank you so much.




Toni on 17 October 2020

The second pillow I ordered arrived today. Wow, it is beautiful! It is a perfect compliment to Bermuda which arrive last week. They are both as lovely as they were on the website. And thanks for the heart! Luv it. 


Equilibrium II


Paula on 6 October 2020

I really love how this pillow mixes with my Halloween pillows. And I'll be able to use it through Thanksgiving. Thank you.


Sound Waves


Kathryn on 29 September 2020

This pillow looks beautiful. I love how you put your pillows together. Hope the ones in my cart aren't gone by the time I save up for another one. Thank you so much.




Judith on 12 September 2020

I had to return the pillow as it did not go well with my couch. The seller was totally kind and responsive to my needs. She was a pleasure to deal with.


Desert Sands 


Ana Victoria on 24 August 2020

Love it!




Paula Richards on 22 August 2020

This Huipil is truly a beauty. The brown color is a great rich shade that works really well with my blonde hair. Also because I’m petite I prefer simple designs. I’m so pleased with this Huipil.

 Brown Guatemalan huipil

Babe Ruth


Paula Richards on 22 August 2020

These are beautiful quality pillows. They really update the look of my guest bedroom. They shipped quickly and arrived nicely packaged. I’m completely satisfied with my purchase.


Brooklyn Exhibit II


Paula Richards on 22 August 2020

I purchased numerous pieces from the Brooklyn Exhibit to use in my Guest Bedrooms. They mix beautifully with my current decor and give the rooms a very casual updated look. I also plan to use them as part of my backyard / patio Decorating. Because this collection is so versatile it was a great investment.


Brooklyn Exhibit


Paula Richards on 22 August 2020

This Huipil is just what I was looking for. Mid weight V Neck and Black base color is just perfect. High Quality textile. I feel like I’m wearing a work of art.


Desert Angel


Yellow Rose on 8 August 2020

Words can not adequately describe the beauty and depth of color from this extra special huipil. I have ordered pillow inserts and cant wait to add this to my decor. In the meanwhile I stare at it constantly. The layout is perfectly lined up and pillow case sewn to perfection. L'amour Artisans is my go to for unique Guatemalan decor.




Yellow Rose on 8 August 2020

Today I had a tea party with my grand daughter. Everything pink including this perfectly designed and sewn pillow set by L'amour Artisans. Willow always has the most unique and well preserved huipils for pillows. Her descriptions are spot on. Love the background history on the huipil she shares also.


Fame And Fortune


 Yellow Rose on 8 August 2020

This petite pillow is perfect for my bed as a little extra. This was my first huipil pillow form L'Amour but far from the last. The condition and quality of the sewn pillow case is perfectly done.




Paula on 4 August 2020

Absolutely beautiful textile used to make this pillow. I’m so happy with this unique addition to my home. Shipped quickly.


Two To Tango


Anne on 30 July 2020

Stunningly beautiful pillows, beautifully packaged and received in record time. Also came with a gift, thank you! This is a very special seller, will certainly be purchasing more of her treasures soon :)


Never Say Never


Cathleen on 21 July 2020

Lovely, personable and accommodating Seller! The pillow cover was absolutely gorgeous... It simply lights up the room! Beyond satisfied with my purchase!


Race The Moon


Sherine Shaaker on 22 June 2020

I LOVE my cushion!!!😍😍😍
It arrived a few days ago and looks great with the other two. Slightly more vibrant so picks up their tones beautifully. Thank you so much🙏


Patina Effect III


Anara Carrol on 13 June 2020

I have a cushion in this range which I love. The colours are beautiful and I love the delicacy of the embroidery. It goes really well with the other furnishing I have and adds a touch of richness.

 Guatemalan Textiles, Huipil Pillows

Brooklyn Exhibit


Nina S on 24 May 2020

This is a beautiful piece of indigenous textile, hand embroidered with deep, rich colors. It looks lovely in my home. 


New York Minute


Sherine Shaaker on 20 May 2020

Just returned last night from the country, and found my package waiting for me!!!🤩 Love love LOVE them all😍😍😍😍even more beautiful in the flesh and they are going to make my sofa look spectacular!




Melinda on 18 May 2020

What a lovely surprise! The colors are so much richer and gorgeous in person! The fabric has beautiful substantial heft. Willow was great to work with, especially during the craziness of this pandemic. This is a wonderful site with special offerings and I will visit again.


Summer Eclipse


Marketa K. on 14 May 2020

Absolutely beautiful pillow. Well made and the colors are vibrant and rich. Love it!!


Spring Melody


Sarah on 3 May 2020

Willow is a super sweet lady.  She is very good with orders and communication.  This pillow cover is amazing!  The colors are bright and vibrant.  The designs are so intricate and handmade.  They are unique and beautiful and fill your home with soul.  I highly recommend huipil pillow covers.


Shady Glade


Sarah on 3 May 2020

If you don’t have a huipil in your wardrobe, get one. Seriously, they are so beautiful. You can wear them in cold or warm weather. They look good with jeans. I had been hunting down a green one for awhile and boy, did I luck out! This one is fabulous! There are so many different shades of vibrant green through out the design. I feel like a goddess wearing it. Shipping was fast and packaged well.  


Secret Solstice


Sarah on 3 May 2020

This huipil is so soft and beautiful. The colors are a perfect combination of subtle orange and sepia. Embroidery is beautifully done. I love the butterflies and peacocks. The quality and craftsmanship are impeccable. It’s really like a wearable work of art. The fit was a perfect match for me as well. Thanks again, Willow, for having a good eye. Love it!! 


Desert Sands


Chrissy Cooper on 24 April 2020

I normally purchase bright coloured textiles but these chocolate cushions are rich and sumptuous. Beautiful embroidery offsets the chocolate fabric and are part of my autumn winter cushion arrangement on my sofas. Willow is an absolute delight to deal with. She brings to the cushion market something extraordinary and different to the Australian public.

Chocolate Brownie


Chrissy Cooper on 24 April 2020

The photo just doesn't do justice to this piece. The colour is a rich nutmeg and the gold highlights make it sublime. I've never seen textiles like these and am sooo happy to have found Willow and her beautiful products.


Autumn Vibes


Chrissy Cooper on 24 April 2020

Another exquisite purchase from Willow. This cushion is a wonderful mustard gold with exceptional embroidery. Just love this cushion! Makes any sofa sing!


Desert Sands


 Barry Benson on 13 April 2020

After someone gifted me one of these pieces, I bought some as gifts for others. Every possible color combination seemed to be available, and a surprisingly large number of themes. I have to say that the friend I gave this to was as excited by the story behind the pillow as she was by the pillow itself. These pieces are the definition of unique--and I think that makes them the ideal gift.


Desert Mirage II


Virginia Donovan on 2 April 2020

Beautiful pillow cover and very well constructed! 


Living Coral 


Lana on 21 March 2020

Oh my goodness, my box was waiting for me when I got home, and I have to tell you that when I opened it I literally cried! They are all sooo beautiful. I am beyond thrilled with my purchases. They are the prettiest pillows in the world, and the craftsmanship is lovely. Thank you so much!




Lana on 21 March 2020

So, I have all my pillow covers laid out on the bed in front of me, and I am just sitting here drooling over them. I love their rustic elegance -- the embroidery is magnificent, the colors are dreamy, and the tradition and history woven into these make them true works of art. Willow is a very talented designer and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!


Big Time Blush 


Lana on 21 March 2020

Willow, I can't tell you how happy I am with each and every pillow cover. The colors and embroidery are just beautiful, and the craftsmanship is superior. They are going to make me and my house so happy!! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with.


Egyptian Wind 


Barry Benson on 5 March 2019

This was gifted to me by a close friend, and it is a perfect fit in my modern, very eclectic apartment. The fabric is much sturdier than one might expect (I have cats and that was a concern), the colors haven't faded, and the gorgeous piece is as perfect as it was the day I received it.


Sound Waves


Sadie on 27 February 2020

Very well made. Beautiful colors and embroidery. Can’t wait to buy more!! Fast shipping! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I highly recommend buying some of these pillow covers. You will not regret it. 😁 They are like amazing pieces of artwork for your home. 🌈


Emerald Fire


Sadie on 27 February 2020

Amazing!!! Makes my home home feel warm and vibrant. Fast shipping and very responsive and helpful seller. I will definitely buy from again.



Nila Boquin on 15 February 2020

I received the pillows and they are SOOO lovely. I love the backing fabric and clean design. Such a welcome edit from what you readily find at the markets in Guatemala. 


Salt Water Taffy


Anne Marie on 4 February 2020

So thrilled with my new blush pink Guatemalan pillow from l'Amour Artisans. It's the perfect backdrop to my favourite bird patterned Guatemalan textile. This new Ikat design was created by a young Guatemalan weaver. Pillow is amazing quality and so comfy.




Nina on 30 January 2020

Yay yay yay - received my beautiful huipil - looks fantastic on - thanks heaps🌹🌻🌹🌻🌹🌻


Flying Trapeze


Chrissy Cooper on 8 January 2020

The colour in the photograph does not do justice to the glorious green jewelled tones in this cushion. It is truely beautiful. I found the colours very soothing and take me to a happy place whenever I gaze upon them. After a very traumatic year, looking at the cushions calm me and brings me peace. How many cushions do that for you? These are very special.


Deep Pacific


Chrissy Cooper on 8 January 2020

This funky poncho called Frankie, I bought for my fun loving Georgie! It looks amazing on and has wonderful and interesting embroidered elements that make it an interesting statement boho piece!




Chrissy Cooper on 8 January 2020

This is a beautiful apparel piece, very soft and light but warm. Drapes beautifully and is a unique cover up.


Urban Cowgirl


Diane on 16 December 2019

Quick delivery. Stunning huipil and pillow cover is well made.

Last Man Standing


Joanna D. on 6 December 2019

I love how vibrant the color is (it makes me happy) & the tribal look perfectly matches my African pillows


The Secrets Out


Lily on 24 November 2019

SUCH a lovely shop to work with and the pillows are truly stunning! Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful service and for offering such gorgeous textiles! Will definitely shop with you again.


Butterfly Kisses


Decabe on 22 November 2019

fast and friendly transaction. beautiful pillows

Tuscan I


Chrissy Cooper on 6 November 2019

This is a beautiful little cushion with the most amazing embroidery and very cleverly curated by Willow

Wild Rose


Chrissy Cooper on 6 November 2019

This fun unusual cushion pairs beautifully with some South American textiles I have. Original, different, I just love it!




Chrissy Cooper on 6 November 2019

This was the first Guatemalan cushion I bought off Willow. It sings on my purple velvet silk sofa. Wonderful embroidery and a comfy lumbar cushion. The start of a love affair! 😄😍


She's All That


Rosie on 7 October 2019

Magnificent pillow! Women owners sent hand-written, personal note. They support women artisans in Guatemala. I highly recommend these motivated young.




Louis on 29 September 2019

Wonderful quality, Responsive and helpful.


Daffodil Field


Penny on 27 September 2019

I am SO THRILLED with my pillow case. It’s beautiful and meaningful and just perfect for my in-progress office / art studio / guest room. It also came with a thoughtful note and gift! Can’t beat that ❤️


Morning Frost


Jennifer on 11 September 2019

I absolutely love the bright tones and quality of this item! It was the perfect touch to my dining room decor, the seller is amazing I am a repeat buyer who will continue to buy from her.


Jester Red


Nancy on 26 August 2019

Very pretty, but it came with a small stain on it. But the communication was great and I love the philosophy behind the company. I think I can wash it, so shouldn't be a big deal.


Boho Blossom


C on 19 August 2019

Fast shipping and beautiful item, thanks!




Jennifer on 9 August 2019

So very beautiful and so well packaged, I love your shop Willow just a pleasure to deal with, the pillow is well made with beautiful details I love it.


Equilibrium II


Lana on 29 July 2019

Well, as soon as my husband saw this pillow cover he claimed it for his study, and it looks wonderful in there. It is a truly elegant and magnificent piece. The embroidery is so intricate and interesting, and there is so much going on! How I wish I could interpret the design and symbols! Thank you, Willow. I am so happy with all of these, and I look forward to working with you much more in the future.

Into The Woods II


Lana on 29 July 2019

Wow ! This little guy is even more beautiful than I imagined! The colors are absolutely to die for. That green is gorgeous, and the embroidery is so intricate and dainty and perfect. It is such an honor and joy to have the work of these incredibly talented women in my home. Thank you so much!



Nelson on 5 July 2019

Beautiful ancestral textiles, crafted into home decor - with ingenuity and craftsmanship. They look fantastic on my sofa and my bed. Can't wait to collect many many more.




Nelson on 5 July 2019

While the beautiful textiles and the unique design is what pulled me in, once I received the pillows, it was the craftsmanship that makes this a truly superior product. 


Catch The Wind


Nancy on 24 June 2019

Absolutely adore the textural richness and warm colors of this gorgeous pillow! Arrived quickly with excellent communication from the owner.




Mausam on 2 June 2019

So very beautiful and so well packaged, I love your shop Willow just a pleasure to deal with & your items are all quality items, a reflection of your love for nature & finesse one of the nicest shops & most professional seller. Thank you!


Chasing Summer

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