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Irish Mist

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Product Information

All pillow products are pillow cases only. Inserts are not included. 

We highly recommend buying inserts 1” - 2” larger than the pillow case to achieve the plump look as shown in photos.

No two pillow cases are ever exactly the same. The photos in this website are a very close representation of the pillow, but may not be identical to the one you receive. 

These pillows are hand made from used textiles and as such sizes can vary slightly. We recommend purchasing inserts only after receiving your pillow cases. 

Due to the handwoven and vintage nature of these products, small defects and signs of wear and tear, fading or ageing are not uncommon. We feel this only adds to the unique story behind each pillow.

Textile Provenance

Huipil (pronounced wee-peel) designs are infused with ancient Mayan traditions of nature, astrology and ritual. Designs and symbols, representing gods, the natural world and protection for the household are interwoven throughout the fabrics.

Corte designs (Mayan womans skirt) are most commonly a jaspè ikat that is unique to the Mayans. The variety within this design range from simple stripes with almost indiscernible ikat to richly complicated ikat designs depicting stylised animals and symbols of nature.

Tzute textiles are a ceremonial or all purpose rectangular cloth that is hand woven and often embroidered with elaborate stylised designs.

Brocade Weaving

Supplemental weft, a technique integral to the art of weaving, involves the introduction of an extra yarn or thread into the fabric, contributing intricate patterns and embellishments.

Particularly utilized in crafting the brocade textiles for our huipil cushions, this method is known for its time-consuming and intricate nature.

Skilled artisans carefully weave supplemental weft threads, investing significant time and attention to detail, to achieve the unique and elaborate designs featured on our brocade textile cushions.

The complexity of this process adds a touch of artistry to each cushion, making it a distinctive and luxurious addition to your home decor.