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Article: The Best Guatemalan Textile Shops for Gorgeous Home Decor

The Best Guatemalan Textile Shops for Gorgeous Home Decor

The Best Guatemalan Textile Shops for Gorgeous Home Decor

I've assembled in one place all the shops I know who specialise in vintage Guatemalan textiles for home decor. This way if I don't have the perfect piece in just the right shade, at least I can help direct you to other shops that might.

After all we all share a passion for Mayan textiles as home decor and an understanding of how important it is to shop small, handmade and consciously. Banding together as a community to share resources is the way of the future.

The Global Trunk 

What I love about their collection are the gorgeous burgundy Colotenango pillows they always have in stock - one of my fav Guatemalan textiles. They also specialise in lots of long colourful lumbars often using the super playful Chajul huipiles - so if you're looking for a stand out pillow for an entryway bench or guest bedroom look no further. Oh and they usually have a great selection of classic blue and white corte pillows in all shapes and sizes.

Folk Project

When I first discovered these products I spent a long time scrolling through the instagram feed and drooling over furniture I can't afford to ship back to Australia. Her eye for colour matching is incredible and the way she puts different designs side by side and it all looking coherent amazes me. She certainly has a huge talent and I highly recommend if you live in the United States to think about ordering a custom made armchair or bedhead in the colours of your choice.  

Story of Source

 I first noticed this shop when I saw their gorgeous San Juan Cotzal pillows. I rarely see pillows from this region (other than my own) and her choice of colour palettes is incredible. They look like some kind of delicious desert. She's in Dubai so if you're in the Middle East and have recently discovered the magic of Guatemalan textiles get in touch below.


These girls have just launched their Guatemalan home decor shop this year and they have some seriously beautiful products. They have another unique take on Guatemalan textiles and are excelling at adding luxurious fringes to their gorgeous pillows, bed throws and table runners. I highly recommend taking a peek at their latest collection. 

Luna Zorro

Molly is perhaps the most famous Interior Designer using Guatemalan textiles and working with many high end hotels and homes in Guatemala. She lives in Antigua and has a boutique that includes weaving and dyeing workshops so be sure to book one of these on her website for your Guatemalan trip. She mostly works with new textiles, but has a Vintage Market section in her shop where you will find truly unique textiles with unbelievable colour palettes (her speciality) that are impossible to find anywhere else. I am always amazed at the incredible textiles she sources.

My Nawal

This is an established shop in Spain making gorgeous Guatemalan and Mexican handbags and straps. They recently launched a home decor collection using Guatemalan huipiles just a few months ago, and Wow! The pillows and floor cushions are to die for. I simply can't get enough of them.

A Rum Fellow

This duo in London take Guatemalan textiles to the next level. They work with master weavers in Guatemalan who embroider famous Mayan patterns using perfectly designed colour palettes. The fabric is sold by the metre for upholstery projects, but they do sell ready made pillows in the fabric as well. 

Lamour Artisans

And of course there is myself, a happy go lucky, globe trotting Gemini who stumbled upon Guatemalan textiles completely by accident and fell impossibly in love.
I love their unusual colour palettes, the raw refinement of the luxuriously thick embroidery, the distinct designs and the thousand year old sacred meanings behind them. There is an innocent joyfulness to these textiles, a little piece of Mayan magic woven into each stitch - they've taken hold of my heart and given me the meaning I was searching so long for - curating and spreading beautiful objects around the globe.

Thats it for now guys. Stay tuned for more blogs on the best shops with gorgeous Guatemalan textile products. 

Willow xx


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