House Crush: Umberto Pasti's house in Morocco

I just discovered Umberto Pashti’s house in Morocco. Obsessing does not begin to describe. Been staring at his house pics for days. Keep showing the husband who keeps looking at me puzzled.


Everything from the sofa up. Perfection! 
The 7 coral toned lumbar pillows. The gorgeous draped textile over the sofa back AND the exquisite textile across the sofa seat. I want it all.
Note to self... must start framing tiles.
Oh and can you imagine what this room must smell like with TWO potted geraniums!!!


Different perspective! Just makes me want it all the more.
Check out that vintage rug casually draped over arm chair. WANT! 
And the flowers! Like. Everywhere. My track record is I have dead flowers in vases longer than they are live.

Different room. Same theme. More cas. More neutral. Striped theme (great theme). More flowers. Smaller framed tiles and awesome hanging rug. 
Do you think Ikea sell the striped sofa covers? I now need two. One in baby pink and one in neutral biege!!
*also tiny bit of drool*

I want, no, need the cherry blossom branch. Prob need a fakey tho cos how long would the tree last if I'm hacking off great swaths of it’s limbs?
Also I want this ginormous framed sets of tiles! Like who frames tiles? Now that we know Umberto does we'll all be shopping for tiles to frame!
And the hanging rug beside it shows that maximalism is just so RIGHT! I’ve always wanted to frame textiles.

I swear I’m gonna put a shovel through my biggest bunch of begonias along my path and plant them in a clay container *carelessly tosses dying succulent*

Note to self - stop buying pink flowering plants and start buying purple. Pink has had its day!

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The End.


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