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Article: Interior Decor Color Trends For 2020

Interior Decor Color Trends For 2020

Interior Decor Color Trends For 2020

The 2020 color predictions are starting to roll on in and its looking to be a very good year for color already. Not that the last few years haven’t been utterly fabulous colors.... I mean Ultra Violet and Coral!!
Let's do a quick recap of the color rollercoaster ride we've all been on.

Living Coral
I'm now ready to admit that Coral has been my favorite color for years. And I know you've had a secret, undisclosed yen for what was originally known as Peach. A color so old fashioned that we all thought of Grandma when we saw it. And no one could admit they actually liked it. 

Thank god Pantone finally came out of the color closet and boldly announced Coral (rename of Peach) as 2019 color of the year. So now we can openly admit our obsession with this shade - shame free. Thank God!

Gen Y Yellow
A color that is trending right this minute on the runway is yellow. Think Marigold, Aspen Gold, Pastel Yellow, Tumeric and Lemon Verbena.

But really Gen Z Yellow took over from Rose Quartz (renamed Millennial Pink) a year ago after Pantone announced Rose Quartz as color of the year in 2016 and we were all saturated with sofas, cushions, rugs, basically any home accessories you can think of in Millennial Pink.

We're talking a huge upgrade from what is basically a wallflower color to a dance on the podium color! We can all pat ourselves on the back for this upgrade.

I suggest sticking to marigold and turmeric to compliment this years obsession with coral. And we love yellow because it gives a fabulously positive  feeling of optimism… something we all need in this political climate we're currently living.  

Ultra Violet
‘What about purple?’
I can totally hear your thoughts peeps!
‘Sooo last year’ I reply…. that is until I get an increase in requests for purple, which leaves me scrambling to fill my inventory with purple… again!

I bought purple big last year and for a while the products sat there unwanted. I started to worry and had my doubts that Pantone had made the right choice… but then I swear in the last 2 months of 2018 all my purple products walked out the door. I purchased more at the beginning of the year… they’re all gone too.
So even though we’re deep into Coral season, customers who were slow to come to the purple party last year are now apparently throwing their own purple parties.

Do not discount purple as over yet. My theory is its such a strong color that everyone was a little shellshocked when Pantone announced Ultra Violet as 2018 Color of the Year… and many took almost the entire year to come round to Pantone’s way of thinking. But come round they certainly have.
So get your purple on, it ain’t over yet.

Rose Quartz and Serenity
Another reason to keep your confidence in purple as a color that is here to stay… just take a look at Pantones 2016 double colors - Serenity and Rose Quartz. Those 2 colors are going stronger than ever in the decor scene… 3 years on.

Lets face it, Coral has not yet taken over from Rose Quartz, renamed Millennial Pink shortly after becoming popular as a subtle dig at the supposedly materialistic and dreamy nature of its namesake generation. And faded indigo African mud cloth having stormed the beach bohemian scene and settled in for the long haul has ensured a plethora of Serenity coloured textiles that are still selling strong.

2020 Color Predictions - Drum Roll

Ocean Colors 
Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, just let us in on a little secret well in advance of Pantone’s official annual announcement. She spoke to an audience at the fashion trade show in Las Vegas, and said that the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2020 are inspired by the sea.

Blue will take center stage, browns inspired by dried seaweed and driftwood, sand-like whites and cool green hues.

Think cane and rattan furniture, natural colored accessories, and pops of turquoise, aqua and ocean blue. The beach scene is back! 
Did it ever leave? 

Neo Mint
Fresh, futuristic and high tech, Neo Mint is predicted to be the new Millennial Pink in 2020 according to Forecaster company WGSN. Neo Mint varies from a slightly yellow mint green to a cleaner, pastel mint green. 

This color is young, vibrant and confident. It's already stormed the runway and is getting a lot of attention on the home decor scene. 


Secret Meadow and Back To Nature
Behr paint company have created a palette for 2020 set to chill you out and restore your equilibrium. Aptly named Restore. And you guessed it - it involves green and blue!

I'm pretty stoked with 2 of the greens - Secret Meadow and Back to Nature. Basically two shades of earthy olive greens. Don't get me wrong, I love the cheery effect of beachside greens... but give me an earthy tone of green that reminds me of woods, meadows, crackling leaves under foot and I melt. 

Chinese Porcelain
PPG Paint has announced Chinese Porcelain as its choice for next years hottest hue. A deep orchid blue with a violet undertone.

Timeless, sophisticated and invariably hugely popular because of its 'safe' appeal. You will not need to change up your newly acquired blue decor for a good few years... and it goes with all the greens, yellows and purples currently circulating in retail land. 

Whichever way I look at it I’m seeing blue as next years color of the year. Green is a hot contender - and I’m unable to keep up with requests for green textiles and pillows at the moment.
But realistically 2017 was year of ‘Greenery’. Is it too early to do green again? Is the current green obsession just a left over of 2017 while we all play catch up to the breathtaking speed of color seasons flying past us? Does any of this even matter? .... until next time😘

If you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me here or message me at my Instagram page.

Willow xx  

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