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Throw pillows are everything. Well, almost everything. And pillows are our passion at Lamour Artisans. Rely on us to get the color and texture and sheer impact required to take your room to the next level. If you are looking for certain colors or sizes please contact us as we can source and make to order. 

Table runners
Table runners remain an integral accessory for keeping your home dining tables looking stylish and fashionable. If you’re not leveraging the cosy charm of table runners, you’re missing out on one of the most amazing yet easiest ways to keep your tables looking great.
But table runners are now no longer for tables only. They can be used for just about any decorating purpose you can think of. For the bedroom think exotic headboard runner, dressing table runner, bed foot runner. For the living room think side boards, coffee tables, the back of the lounge, on the floor as an artistic way of leading the eye to a piece of art on the wall. 

Guatemala has many fabrics perfect for your upholstery project. Turn your foot stools, ottomans and dining room chairs into exotic pieces of textile artwork. 

Custom bedding, dogs beds and slipcovers are just some of the uses our textiles have been put to. 

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